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All-American Baseball

I can think of very few things I like better than a boy in a baseball uniform. It's so All-American, all boy, all dirty, and all game. And game it was this year. 

Jarrod and his brother coached Evan's t-ball team. It was a sight for sore eyes most games. A comedy of errors but well worth the laugh. :-)

If the kids actually ran from first to second without passing third first, it was a miracle! 

Evan learned so much this year though and even got to hit coach pitched balls for the last 6 games. He played 1st base and could catch and touch that base with the best of them. All in all, they came in 3rd place in the league. Only to be beat by the Reds and the Diamond Diva's. (who my Dad had Evan convinced he would have to wear pink underwear to beat!) 

The coolest thing was that although we had to drive an hour for every game, both boys got to play on a team with their cousins. They had such a great time. 

Jayden played his first year of coach pitch baseball. He played tackle football last fall but I was still completely unprepared for how competitive this season would be. His coach was THE BEST. Not only did he have a baseball diamond in his backyard which made the city one's look like trash, he taught those boys leaps and bounds about baseball... and managed to keep his cool while doing it. 

 Being Jayden's first year, he started out in the outfield but was quickly moved to pitcher position. He has his Daddy's quarterback arm and sports comes so naturally to him its disgusting. 

The playoffs included a Friday night and Saturday morning game. They were the only undefeated team and had won every game by a landslide. Friday was no different. The final inning Jayden made a double play and then got the final out at first. Final score, 18-6. 

Saturday morning was a TOTALLY different story. The morning games had been sloppy since the beginning of the season and our opposing team came to win. By the bottom of the 6th inning we were losing 11-6. We were at the top of our line up but our kids - having never lost a game - were really discouraged. A good pep talk and amazing hits we came back to win 12-11 with only 1 strike! 

The screaming was out of control... This is only little league people - wait - I'm preaching to the choir.  I couldn't have been a more proud mama!

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