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Freezing Time

This afternoon I took the kids to the library for the summer reading program. Both of my boys are super motivated by prizes so I figured I would take advantage of the free coupons to snacks and entertainment to keep their reading progress going through the summer. I told them both to pick out 5 books (quickly so Avery doesn't destroy everything holy and quiet in the library) and then we were heading home. I was super sad at their selections... Ok... not really, but they were all big boy books. The human body books, the rules and regulations of the NFL (go figure) and a couple of mystery novels...

Then it hit me... hard ... Where did these guys go?

You know... the one's I spent hours reading "Thomas the Train", "Bob the Builder" and the Dr. Suess books too?
Of course, they still ask for them every now and then but not like they used to. They want to watch all these teenager shows on television and would rather play legos than "Don't Break the Ice". I even only got a kiss on the cheek from Jayden yesterday when his friends were around.
I want to freeze this place in my life... The baseball games

The sleepy eyes

And even the mischievous grins. :-)

But I know they grow up... so I guess I'll just have to enjoy it instead. :-)

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