Hill Billy Garden Delight

I finally talked my hubs into letting me plant a garden this year. I have wanted one the last two years but never got around to actually getting one planted.
When we bought our house in May, we had huge plans for the landscaping in the back yard... or not. I think we are just so happy to be settled we haven't done a darn thing. So, I had some empty beds that I decided to fill with vegetables.

It is quite thrown together and definitely nothing special and my hubs is embarrassed super proud that our white picket fence, suburban neighborhood has a vegetable garden where landscaping should be but I don't care. 

I have had more fun with this little garden and am starting to get some fab veggies from it!

I planted tomatoes, corn, strawberries, snap beans, red and green bell peppers, cucumbers and zucchini.

The only thing I think I will skip next year is the corn. At 5"6 it is already standing a head heights taller than me! Just a little obnoxious for a backyard garden I think. :-)

But now that I know I can do it I want to do a really nice one for next year. Send me some ideas that have made your garden great!

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