My Style Monday... on Tuesday :-)

I am not a big July 4th fashion queen. First of all, I hate the color red on me and secondly, as far as I can think I don't even own one red item of clothing. So this year I just rocked the blue.

We have finally gotten some warm weather here in the north so I started off the day casual and comfy. A blue tank with silver star decoratations and white linens shorts. Of course flip flops. I have a thing about undershirts so I always have a white tank or spaghetti strap undershirt on. When you are toting kids everywhere I don't like things to get pulled and twisted to expose things that shouldn't be seen. hehe :-)

The evening got chilly so I threw on this cutsy shirt I got on the clearance rack at Target. Yep. I'm totally cheap like that.

And... I have been dying to wear these adorable demin heels. Also, from the clearance rack at Target... $9.98 people!

Hope you all had a fabulous and fashionful 4th!

My Style Monday

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  1. Reading your post made me realize that I have nothing red either! So I just stuck with blue toe nails. :D