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Playlist Please?

My sweet and thoughtful hubby bought me an iTunes gift card so I could update my workout playlist.... I am trying to decide if this was an "I love you and thought about you today" gift or an "I love you but you really need to start working out again" gift. ...Either way, I know I'm loved so I guess I will focus on the positive. :-)

I need some suggestions! My workout songs are saaaadddd. I am totally a country fan but those are usually not the best workout songs so help me out people! Annnndddd go!


  1. Hey, I know a great song about technology that is awesome to workout to. :) But I'm afraid I don't know what it's called, so there's no way of you knowing what it is. :/

  2. ok i never listen to this except working out- but some of the old school Michael Jackson is really good. The beat is peppy but not too fast, especially if you are running, it keeps you going but not wanting to run at some crazy pace. i've only found a few i like but of all the MJ ones i do have "Billy Jean" is my fave.