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A Day in the Life of Evan

I love all of my kiddos of course but my middle child keeps me in stitches on a regular basis. At 5 he has the most hilarious sense of humor and comes up with the craziest, off the cuff statements. Here are a few conversations we had this week:

Me: Why is there a spider man mask in the freezer? Evan: I wanted to see if it would freeze!
More funny is the "Why would you ask such a question, mom? Doesn't everyone wonder if spider man masks will freeze?" tone he responded in. Boys.

After "accidently" making it home with some sour candy in his pocket... we had to have a nice long talk about shoplifting followed promptly by a Target trip for the return. Later on in the week we went to Dick's Sporting Goods where he eyed the same candy. Holding it up as high as he can, he yells at the top of his lungs to Jarrod who is in the checkout line, "Hey Dad! I'm not gonna shoplift this today!" Every dad's proud moment.

And don't forget about the dating advice he gave his older brother here. Such a ham. :-)


  1. That's funny that he would do that. :) Little boys. Hehe, they sometimes stay the same. :D