Football Mom 101

You guys are going to be completely sick of my posting football pictures between now and the next 8 weeks so I will just go ahead and apologize now... 

I'm not sure when I became this mom. You know, the annoying one, yelling at the poor little 6 and 7 year olds on the field... pacing back and forth while my 2 year old devours a smaller child's snacks, and jumping up and down when every little bit of territory is taken by our team. But its me.. I just can't help it. 

This year both of the boys get to play on the same team. They are just so cute in their little uniforms I just can't hardly stand it. 

Evan getting ready to put some mad blocking skills to the test. 

Stretching out those legs.

Jayden following in his daddy's footsteps as the quarterback. (I know I'm biased but the boy has an amazing arm.)

Our first game is next Saturday. Make sure you are following me on Twitter so you can get the play by play. :-)

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