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Don't Always Believe the Ultrasound

Two years ago today we were super blessed with this little bundle of joy.

Yes. The bundle who was suppose to be a boy. :-) After two boys and a really surprising pregnancy, I have to admit that I was hoping with all my heart that I would get my baby girl. Don't get my wrong. I love my boys with all my heart. I live for football and baseball, running and tackling. But something inside me just needed a girl. Dress-up clothes, makeup, glittery shoes, and tutu's.

So I counted every day until I could get my first ultrasound. I had already bought pink bathing suits and her first Christmas dress. We had named her Avery Faith and called her by that name. I just new it was a girl. Everything was different. The sickness, the pregnancy, the way I carried. The boys were convinced they were getting a sister. That is until the doctor told me she was a boy. I cried... no bawled. My hubby took me to the beach for the weekend and I cried the ENTIRE time I was there. And yes, I am so embarrassed to say that now. I know would have loved a boy just as much.

So from there Avery became Owen. Pink clothes turned once again to blue and I pulled out the boys old baby bedding to use for a third time. But I came to grips. I realized what a blessing it was to have such healthy babies and other than being sick the WHOLE NINE MONTHS... I have really healthy pregnancies.

Then came 26 weeks. The doctor wanted to have the ultrasound tech do another ultrasound because I was measuring small (I have little peanut babies). She kept running that little wand over my belly and I was just looking at the tiny little features not really paying attention. She kept asking questions about my kids and if I knew what I was having. I told her a boy and she got this funny look on her face. I didn't question anything until she says "Well, don't paint the nursery pink yet but lets look at another angle. I don't think this baby is a boy!" 
Sure enough. She's a girl. And ALL girl. She loves her hair and bows, puffy dresses and Barbies. We can't get enough of Dora and princesses. We are all crazy about her. She will definitely grow up spoiled and rotten but she will never doubt she is loved.

Happy 2nd Birthday my little Princess!


  1. That's a crazy story! Happy 2nd birthday to your baby girl!!!

  2. My first was a girl and they are such a blessing, I now have a boy and wow the difference!! Love them equally, but I can't put a dress on my son!! lol