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"Punkin" Patch

I have to admit that I love a *few* things about Ohio. :-) The fall is gorgeous... unless its like this year, then it just sucks...(I haven't seen the sun in almost 5 days. I'm about to go into seasonal depression before winter even hits.)  I love the farms and pumpkin patches. And you could literally go to a festival every.single.weekend.

Last week, we hit up Renicks Market in South Bloomfield.

Avery was a little unsure about getting her face painted.

Until she realized what it was. Then she walked around asking everyone if they could see her "punkin".

Are these not the cutest kids of all time? (I know... I'm partial)

They all had a blast playing in the hay maze.

I have sooooo many years of our faces stuck in these little wooden figurines. I seriously think I could do a scrapbook of nothing but these.

Then we came home and did some serious pumpkin carving. Not by me of course, I don't have an artistic bone in my body.

Evan's happy pumpkin. Jayden wanted the mean one. :-)

Hope you are all enjoying fall!


  1. Aww, how fun! I love going to the pumpkin patch as well. Your kids are getting so big, handsome, and beautiful! :)

  2. Adorable pictures! It looks like they had a great time!

  3. Hey I tried following you but some maintence with the site, but would love for you to follow me than I can follow you when it's not being "crazy" lol thanks so much :) have a great day!!!