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Schoolroom Reveal!

It only took me what 2 months.... but my schoolroom is finally done! Well, except for chairs... you will see that we forgot that minor detail. :-) To see the before pictures check out my post here. 

First we painted the walls a dark khaki. Because my school room is a loft (and pretty much the first thing you see when you walk in the front door) I didn't want to go too crazy with the colors. I choose this because it is neutral and can withstand lots of projects. 

Then we headed down to Ikea and bought this fabulous desk. Eeeeek! It is my favorite part. Since it doesn't have chairs you can't tell it but we can fit all 4 of us around with lots of space to spread out. 

I chose different base options to fit our needs. One decorative base as you see here, two door with shelf cabinets, and one drawer set. 


We finally got our little charts hung up. 

I LOVE all of Ikea's storage ideas. These were actually for the kitchen but I thought they would be perfect for craft supplies! At $1.99 each... You can't go wrong!

 I picked up these cute little boxes at Target so our markers, pencils, and crayons can sit easily within reach while still being stylish. 

I consider this my greatest deal of all time. This gorgeous corkboard is made by Potter Barn Kids. It hangs vertical or horizontal and I have used it both ways. It sells on their website for $299.00... I picked this baby (as well as 3 others) up at the outlet for $19.99. My husband was thrilled with our comfortable car ride home that day. :-)

We finished our first day of school in here today and it was soooo nice. No more laying on the floor, searching for pencils or working in utter chaos. Its all neat and organized! Now just to find some cute and comfy chairs and we are all done!


  1. That desk is just awesome! I'm going to copy you with the hanging storage baskets. I've been searching for something like this.

    It's funny you should post this now. After 8 months we finally got our shelves installed in our school room and I have spent the last 3 days trying to organize ours. I'm going to be posting pictures of it soon, too. It's so nice to have a separate place for all of our stuff to belong. I love cutting out the lights and walking out of the room after hours of hard work. We can leave our projects out on the table and they're not in our way as we go about life.

    You need to do a post soon about how you teach the older boys with a toddler in the mix.