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30 Before 30

So, I have never been completely into making a whole ton of lists I probably won't check off, but in 3 short months I'm hitting the big 3-0. I have to admit its hit me a little harder than I expected. I don't know why. I've cried every birthday since 24.
I do have some things I want to do before I turn 30. I don't know. I feel like an era of my life is over. Although I've officially been an "adult" for a while, everyone says I still look 18 and get carded EVERY time I buy or order alcohol. I have been looking back over pictures and am dreadfully starting to show a little age. Ya know, the grey hairs here and there, a few creases at the corners of my eyes. I feel like this is my last hurrah for my "kid" years. You really have to start "acting" like and adult when you hit 30.

So here they are. God only knows if I will actually complete them. Some I will probably regret if I actually do them. But whatever.

  1. Get a tattoo. Nothing major. Just a small one on my foot or something.
  2. Be completely ready to run in my first half marathon. 
  3. Be in the best shape of my life.
  4. Dance the night away like I'm 18.
  5. Find a new job. Or get my real estate license transferred to Ohio.
  6. Get the rest of our debt paid off. We're soooo close!
  7. Plan and make reservations for our 10 year anniversary trip so we will actually do it!
  8. Finish painting my house.
  9. Find the time to start reading on a regular basis again. 
  10. Get my basement cleaned out.
  11. Finish Avery's big girl room.
  12. Make curtains for my living room and family room.
  13. Make a meal plan for an entire month. 
  14. Stay home for an entire weekend all by myself. 
  15. And hope that weekend will help me determine if I want any more children.
  16. Do something I am scared to death to do; like skydive; but definitely not that. 
  17. Buy another rental property.
  18. Read to my kids every night for a month.
  19. Learn to say no.
  20. Get all of my pictures printed and in albums.
  21. Get my teeth whitened.
  22. Stress or worry less.
  23. Go to NYC.
  24. Take each of my kids on a date. One on one.
  25. Spend the weekend with just my hubs. 10/29/11
  26. Cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 3 days straight.
  27. Meet some of my amazing blogger/twitter friends.
  28. Finish Christmas shopping before the day before Christmas - for once.
  29. Make at least 3 crafts on my to-do list.
  30. Do whatever I want for an entire week... even if the house doesn't stay clean.


  1. I love all the entries on your list. Hope you get to get some of them accomplished:)BTW...turning 30 was the best for me.

  2. That's a great list! But, seriously, 30 is nothing. It's just a number. It's funny, though, I still feel like a kid most of the time. Most of the parents at my kids schools are much older than me, and I still get carded, too!