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Potty Training A Girl

Ya'll. I have come to decide that potty training a girl is NO JOKE.

Everyone told me with Jayden that boys will potty train when they are ready. Don't push them. Let them take the lead and show interest. So I did. Both the boys were right around 3 when they potty trained. And they potty trained like champs. Very few accidents. Wing it out and hold 'em up and your good to go.

Avery... not so much. Granted she is a year earlier than the boys but she started showing interest a couple months ago so I thought we would give it a try. The only problem was she would never actually go on the potty. We talked about it. We bribed. We clapped and cheered even when she sat there. But nothing.
Then one random night while I was at Target, Jarrod had her call to tell me she went to the potty! I brought home the promised Dora panties and we were good to go. The next two days, no accidents. Wow! This is easy peasy. There was only two issues. #1) She hadn't gone #2 and #2) We hadn't been out in public.

When I finally realized she hadn't been #2 I sat her on the toilet and we waited and waited until the big moment finally happened. Great, I thought. That mountain has been mastered... or so I thought.

Then we went out in public. Walmart of all places. I swear they should be named dirtiest bathrooms in America. Avery told me she had to go potty. I reluctantly left the boys (who will no longer even look at a women's bathroom) sitting on the bench outside the door and off we went. Surveying every stall until we found a halfway clean one was the next step. Then mounds of toilet paper to cover the seat. Followed by a million "Don't touch, Avery. Its soooo yucky. No, PLEASE don't touch. Keep your hands up. No, no, I don't want want you to flush! Its YUCKY!!!" Did I mention I'm a slight germophobe? Not an experience I am looking forward to in the future.

Then yesterday, while cooking dinner, I notice Avery walking a little funny and ask her if she needs to go potty. She said she did and I got her little potty out and put it in the bathroom. She shuts and locks the door. (She thinks she has to do this now after watching her big brothers...) About the time I start hearing hysterical screaming, I realize it has been 3 days since we did #2... Quickly opening the door, I look down to find tears streaming down her face and her clapping her hands while yelling "I did it! I did it!" Followed by "Ewwwww!!!! What is that?!" OMG. The entire bathroom is covered in poop. Like every square inch. The rug, the floor, the walls and magically, the toilet. It took me an hour and and an entire container of Clorox wipes among several other cleaners but we are finally disinfected.

Motherhood. I decided since I trained the boys I have put in my hours. I think Jarrod should take care of this one. :-)


  1. Not the fun part of rearing children, is it? I wonder how many Clorox wipes I'll be going through?