Oh How Pinteresting: Back to School Edition

I am a day late and a dollar short but today I am linking up with The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Pinterest is totally a time killer because I spend HOURS looking at things I can't have and dreaming of projects I don't have time to do... oh well! :-)

Today is the back to school edition. We are in our 3rd year of homeschooling and now that we are FINALLY settled in our new house, I want to really get our school room done like I want it. I have been dreaming over these setups.

Love the globes hanging from the ceiling.

This is a fabulous idea for space saving... well, and from keeping the boys from aggravating each other all day. :-)

This is my favorite! We are using our loft for our school room and this would be PERFECT on one of the walls. Now I just need my brother to get up here and start building!

Love the colors of this one.

These shelves are made of gutters!

This desk is fabulous... I am drooling right now. 

What is your favorite?

Playlist Please?

My sweet and thoughtful hubby bought me an iTunes gift card so I could update my workout playlist.... I am trying to decide if this was an "I love you and thought about you today" gift or an "I love you but you really need to start working out again" gift. ...Either way, I know I'm loved so I guess I will focus on the positive. :-)

I need some suggestions! My workout songs are saaaadddd. I am totally a country fan but those are usually not the best workout songs so help me out people! Annnndddd go!

Hill Billy Garden Delight

I finally talked my hubs into letting me plant a garden this year. I have wanted one the last two years but never got around to actually getting one planted.
When we bought our house in May, we had huge plans for the landscaping in the back yard... or not. I think we are just so happy to be settled we haven't done a darn thing. So, I had some empty beds that I decided to fill with vegetables.

It is quite thrown together and definitely nothing special and my hubs is embarrassed super proud that our white picket fence, suburban neighborhood has a vegetable garden where landscaping should be but I don't care. 

I have had more fun with this little garden and am starting to get some fab veggies from it!

I planted tomatoes, corn, strawberries, snap beans, red and green bell peppers, cucumbers and zucchini.

The only thing I think I will skip next year is the corn. At 5"6 it is already standing a head heights taller than me! Just a little obnoxious for a backyard garden I think. :-)

But now that I know I can do it I want to do a really nice one for next year. Send me some ideas that have made your garden great!

Toothless Wonder

This little cutie lost his first tooth this week!

He will be 6 next month and we kept waiting and waiting for one to come loose and when it finally did we wiggled and wiggled and wiggled and pulled and pulled and pulled until it finally came out. All you moms with stomachs of steel have my vote because loose teeth are just not my thing. :p

He was promptly visited by the tooth fairy (whom never ceases to amaze me at her lack of knowledge that we are in a recession...) and got $10 for that first tooth!

Can't believe my baby boy is so big!

Shape My Saturday

This year I turned 29. I know that's not old but between job, wife, mom of 3 and just life in general it is sometimes a challenge to stay in shape. So after a year of nothing but some random workouts and a few 5k's, I've decided to get serious. And... my body is not liking it at all! Wow. 30 is upon me and I don't think I have ever ached like I have the last two weeks.
My biggest obstacle is the weekends. I have such a sweet tooth and we tend to eat sooo bad on the weekends so I am starting "Shape My Saturday" to give me some motivation! 

So... here are some goals of mine:
  • Lose 8 pounds
  • Tone up (especially the butt and upper thigh area)
  • Run a 10K (and maybe a half marathon) by the end of the year
  • Eat healthier
This week my workout schedule went like this:

Monday - Ran 2 miles on the treadmill, evening walk with the hubby.
Tuesday - Upper body weights - Biceps, Triceps, Chest, Shoulders and Back
Thursday - Ran 2 miles - Lower body weights - Calves, Quads, Hamstrings, Abs

My plan is to get a good run in today. I hit 4.7 miles last weekend so I'm shooting for 5 today!

What are your workout plans?

Project Cleanout... Continued!

Yesterday was the garage... The main reason, which I find rather disgusting is that we had flies... everywhere. Gross. And with flies, we had maggots. We bombed the basement once and the garage twice. Thankfully they were not in my actual house.

So began Project Garage. We took everything out and scrubbed the floors. Then sprayed the whole thing with pesticides. Since all our of belongings were already sitting on the driveway, we decided we may as well paint the floors. Unfortunately we didn't take any before pics as this was a totally unplanned project. But this was my after!

I really wish I had painted the walls while we had everything out but that will be a project for next year! On to  Project Basement!

Project Cleanout!

I have been way out of the blogging loop because of what I have called Project Cleanout. We made a fast move to Ohio in May and with only 2 weeks to pack and get settled it was - needless to say - unorganized. 

Being the obsessive compulsive individual I am, my house has been driving me crazy. There was nowhere that was completely clean and organized. And so began my week last week. First I started with finishing my couch. I made some new pillows to pull my living and dining room together. 

This was my before couch with smokey blue and brown pillows. 

We bought a new dining room table which is black with cream covered chairs and the walls are a khaki with a little green tint. Not pretty with my blue pillows... I had my heart set on this fabric which was virtually impossible to find.

But it pulled it all together so well!

I still want to make the pillows with the coordinating fabric but it has been sold out. :-( I am watching it every day though!

It warmed up my living room so much! I am looking for a picture to go over my couch now... any suggestions? 

Next up?! Project Garage!

July 4th!

Well this post is a little late but we had an awesome 4th with the boys and some amazing friends.

Saturday night we had friends over for dinner. We had to buy patio furniture for everyone to have a place to sit but we have sooooo used it! I have to say one thing about Ohio summers... they beat the heck out of south GA's! 

We grilled out and then all went downtown to see the fireworks. Here are some of my girlfriends and I.

Sunday we just hung out with these cuties. I have been so bad at taking pictures lately. :-(

Avery was insistent on a fashion show!

And finally Monday we took the boys to see Cars 2! They loved it but the story line was way over their heads. Oh well. It was fun anyway.

Hope you all had a great 4th!

My Style Monday... on Tuesday :-)

I am not a big July 4th fashion queen. First of all, I hate the color red on me and secondly, as far as I can think I don't even own one red item of clothing. So this year I just rocked the blue.

We have finally gotten some warm weather here in the north so I started off the day casual and comfy. A blue tank with silver star decoratations and white linens shorts. Of course flip flops. I have a thing about undershirts so I always have a white tank or spaghetti strap undershirt on. When you are toting kids everywhere I don't like things to get pulled and twisted to expose things that shouldn't be seen. hehe :-)

The evening got chilly so I threw on this cutsy shirt I got on the clearance rack at Target. Yep. I'm totally cheap like that.

And... I have been dying to wear these adorable demin heels. Also, from the clearance rack at Target... $9.98 people!

Hope you all had a fabulous and fashionful 4th!

My Style Monday