Schoolroom Makeover!

Remember my Pinterest post from here? ...

Well, this room (that I have done nothing with...) is about to get a makeover!

Stay tuned!

A Day in the Life of Evan

I love all of my kiddos of course but my middle child keeps me in stitches on a regular basis. At 5 he has the most hilarious sense of humor and comes up with the craziest, off the cuff statements. Here are a few conversations we had this week:

Me: Why is there a spider man mask in the freezer? Evan: I wanted to see if it would freeze!
More funny is the "Why would you ask such a question, mom? Doesn't everyone wonder if spider man masks will freeze?" tone he responded in. Boys.

After "accidently" making it home with some sour candy in his pocket... we had to have a nice long talk about shoplifting followed promptly by a Target trip for the return. Later on in the week we went to Dick's Sporting Goods where he eyed the same candy. Holding it up as high as he can, he yells at the top of his lungs to Jarrod who is in the checkout line, "Hey Dad! I'm not gonna shoplift this today!" Every dad's proud moment.

And don't forget about the dating advice he gave his older brother here. Such a ham. :-)

Football Mom 101

You guys are going to be completely sick of my posting football pictures between now and the next 8 weeks so I will just go ahead and apologize now... 

I'm not sure when I became this mom. You know, the annoying one, yelling at the poor little 6 and 7 year olds on the field... pacing back and forth while my 2 year old devours a smaller child's snacks, and jumping up and down when every little bit of territory is taken by our team. But its me.. I just can't help it. 

This year both of the boys get to play on the same team. They are just so cute in their little uniforms I just can't hardly stand it. 

Evan getting ready to put some mad blocking skills to the test. 

Stretching out those legs.

Jayden following in his daddy's footsteps as the quarterback. (I know I'm biased but the boy has an amazing arm.)

Our first game is next Saturday. Make sure you are following me on Twitter so you can get the play by play. :-)

A Day at the Park

Today I'm linking up for True Life: I'm a Mommy Blogger!

We finally had an off weekend after 3 or 4 weeks of craziness! So we ran the kiddos down to this cool park in Grove City. It is a solar system theme and all the playground equipment is based on that.

Avery rode aliens

 and swung through space.

 Evan climbed the space ship,

 spun through orbit,

and checked out the stars.

Jayden climbed through craters

and tried out some zero gravity effects.

Tonight we're headed out to see Toy Story 3 at the park! Can't believe summer is almost over. Its been way too fun!

Dating Advice... From my 5 Year Old

These are the two little guys that currently abide in my home. Most days I don't know where they came from, how they ended up here, or how I am related to them. And quite honestly... they scare the mess out of me. 

Boys... I didn't grow up with them. I came from a household of girls. My only brother came along when I was 16 so I didn't really get whole boy thing down. 

My middle child Evan is especially ornary and my oldest, Jayden, has his first crush... which Evan enjoys taunting him with any chance he gets. I got a kick out of this conversation he had with his dad last night.

Evan: "Dad, Jayden needs some advice on women."
Jarrod: "Really? What kind of advice? Like how to talk to them?"
Evan: "No Dad, like how to date."
Jarrod looks at Jayden who is beyond flustered at this point and says: "You just say, Hey Baby, You got plans tonight?" 
Evan says: "Dad! You don't ask. You just say Babe. Date. 5 O'clock!" 

Wow. I have my hands full with that one. 

Girls Night Out

It has been wayyyy too long since I have been on a Girls Night Out - 4 months to be exact. Yikes! So last night, my friend Lyndsie and I had an impromptu night out. It was fabulous! We did things my hubs HATES to do like walking the Short North.

 It is such a fun combination of cute little restaurants, wine bars, and vintage shops. 

We had real, fresh ginger ale from The Northstar Cafe, ate our weight of Jeni's Ice Cream (OMG... to die for!)

Took a tour of the AMAZING OSU Thompson library and campus area 

And then ended the night at Gateway watching the perfect chick flick! :-) (A definite watch by the way!)

If you haven't had a girls night out in a while you better go! It made me a better wife, mom, and person in just 6 short hours! That is totally worth it. :-)

My Life Today...

I have been a terrible blogger lately. :-( The last two weeks have been crazy! So I stole this from Rachel because it totally sums up my life right now... The weekend can't come fast enough! :-)