"Punkin" Patch

I have to admit that I love a *few* things about Ohio. :-) The fall is gorgeous... unless its like this year, then it just sucks...(I haven't seen the sun in almost 5 days. I'm about to go into seasonal depression before winter even hits.)  I love the farms and pumpkin patches. And you could literally go to a festival every.single.weekend.

Last week, we hit up Renicks Market in South Bloomfield.

Avery was a little unsure about getting her face painted.

Until she realized what it was. Then she walked around asking everyone if they could see her "punkin".

Are these not the cutest kids of all time? (I know... I'm partial)

They all had a blast playing in the hay maze.

I have sooooo many years of our faces stuck in these little wooden figurines. I seriously think I could do a scrapbook of nothing but these.

Then we came home and did some serious pumpkin carving. Not by me of course, I don't have an artistic bone in my body.

Evan's happy pumpkin. Jayden wanted the mean one. :-)

Hope you are all enjoying fall!

Schoolroom Reveal!

It only took me what 2 months.... but my schoolroom is finally done! Well, except for chairs... you will see that we forgot that minor detail. :-) To see the before pictures check out my post here. 

First we painted the walls a dark khaki. Because my school room is a loft (and pretty much the first thing you see when you walk in the front door) I didn't want to go too crazy with the colors. I choose this because it is neutral and can withstand lots of projects. 

Then we headed down to Ikea and bought this fabulous desk. Eeeeek! It is my favorite part. Since it doesn't have chairs you can't tell it but we can fit all 4 of us around with lots of space to spread out. 

I chose different base options to fit our needs. One decorative base as you see here, two door with shelf cabinets, and one drawer set. 


We finally got our little charts hung up. 

I LOVE all of Ikea's storage ideas. These were actually for the kitchen but I thought they would be perfect for craft supplies! At $1.99 each... You can't go wrong!

 I picked up these cute little boxes at Target so our markers, pencils, and crayons can sit easily within reach while still being stylish. 

I consider this my greatest deal of all time. This gorgeous corkboard is made by Potter Barn Kids. It hangs vertical or horizontal and I have used it both ways. It sells on their website for $299.00... I picked this baby (as well as 3 others) up at the outlet for $19.99. My husband was thrilled with our comfortable car ride home that day. :-)

We finished our first day of school in here today and it was soooo nice. No more laying on the floor, searching for pencils or working in utter chaos. Its all neat and organized! Now just to find some cute and comfy chairs and we are all done!

We're Feeling Smart :-)

We have had such BEAUTIFUL weather here the last few days. I'm loving the cool mornings and warm afternoons.

So yesterday we decided to pack up our school books and head outdoors. We went down to the Oval at OSU and enjoyed the beautiful scenery like this. There is just something about being here that makes you feel smarter. :-)

Avery was completely fascinated by the airplanes.

I love this little personality that is bursting out more and more every day.  :-)

Jayden and Evan were so excited to be at a "real" school...even if we were outside! They loved walking around with their backpacks like all of the college kids.

But most of the day Evan preferred to stay barefoot...

We did get a lot of work done even with all the tree climbing...

And squirrel chasing available. :-)

Can't believe winter is just around the corner! We are going to have a lot more of these days to enjoy it until then!

Oh How Pinteresting: Fall Style

I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting Wendesday. This week... Fall Style.

I'm falling fast for riding boots and off the shoulder sweaters. This fall weather makes me want to go shopping so bad!!!

In the mean time, here are some of my dreamy desires. :-)