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The Baby Wipe Saga

I suppose there will be one day, way into my far future, that I won't buy baby wipes. But my oldest is 8 and I honestly can't remember a day since he was born that I haven't used a baby wipe.

They are the best for everything. Spills, dirty faces, cleaning my microfiber couches. Wiping down the leather seats in my van... I mean, what more could you ask for?

Evan was 4 when Avery was born and very potty trained by then and Avery is 2 and just potty trained. However, I still found myself in Target comparing baby wipe prices and picking up the huge value pack.

So my question is.... Will I ever live without them? Or better yet... Do I want to?

BTW... Hello to all my new followers! Thanks for stopping by! :-)


  1. Just keep using them! ;) You're right, they are good for everything!

  2. I think they are here to stay. Waaay too easy to use. Did you know Avery emptied a baby wipe container in my room when you were here after Callan was born? Hahaha. Billy busted her. :)