Goobye 2011!

2011 is gone and I have to say I am not going to miss it. No, there was nothing horrible or scary about this year. It was just full of change and stress. I am welcoming 2012 with open arms. Excited to finally be settled (even if it is in Ohio) and hoping for lots of good things! So here's a recap of 2011.

In January -

  • Jarrod took a new job in Columbus
  • I traveled back and forth from south Georgia to see him.
In February - 
  • I turned 29! (eeek!) and tried to make my last birthday in my 20's a happy day. :-(
  • Jarrod and I celebrated our 10th Valentine's Day together!
  • I continued to travel while we lived apart.
In March - 
  • I moved up to Ohio while we looked for a house and tied up loose ends in Georgia.
  • I continued real estate long distance and also took an hr job with Jarrod's families company.
In April - 
  • We finally bought (another) house in Columbus! 
  • Got moved in and settled. 
  • Had our first new house guests. My sister and her family and my mom and dad and little sister and brother.
In May - 
  • We started little league baseball which pretty much consumed our life the entire month. :-)
In June -
  • Jarrod and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary!
  • Our oldest baby turned 8 and we had a baseball party.
  • I started blogging!
  • One of my closest cousins got married.
  • And Jayden and Evan finished the Book Reading Club.
In July - 
In August - 
  • My middle baby turned 6 and we had a pool party!
  • He also lost his first tooth.
  • And gave us dating advise. :-)
  • Both boys started playing football.
  • And we started our 4th year of homeschooling.
In September - 
  • Our little princess turned 2!
  • We gave the schoolroom a makeover.
  • We watched the boys win 1st place in their football division.
  • And I started my running obsession. 
In October - 
  • My sweet hubs turned 35! 
  • I bought him tickets to the Ohio State/Wisconsin game for his birthday.
  • We went to the pumpkin patch. 
  • And spent the day on the OSU Oval.
In November - 
  • I tried to get myself motivated and made my 10 mile running goal!
  • We took the boys to their first Buckeyes game.
  • And spent Thanksgiving at my sisters house in Virginia.
In December - 
  • I got Avery potty trained.
  • Made Disney T-shirts for our Disney Dream cruise.
  • Spent 5 days on said cruise in the Bahamas!
  • Decorated for Christmas.
  • And rang in the New Year with my family!
Hope you all had a blessed and happy year. Can't wait to make 2012 a good one!

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