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I'm A Better Mom Because...

I workout. Yep. There. I said it. I know it sounds corny. I know it may be an excuse to act grumpy when I don't get my workout in but here are some things I have come to realize in the last year of my 20's...
1) I'm worth it.
As most mom's are, I am always the last person to get new clothes, shoes, or even my lunch some days. I have come to realize that fitness is something I need to put first simply because I am worth it. I am a mom, wife, teacher, cook, cleaner, taxi cab driver, budgeter, grocery shopper, day care worker, clothes cleaner, bed maker, and the list goes on. I deserve to create a break for my mind at least once a day.
2) It helps me relax.
I'm a control freak. I like the house to be perfect. A good meal on the table at dinner. All of the toys organized. The clothes folded and the ironing finished. Oh, and I like vacuum lines in the carpet at night before I go to bed. Yes. I have issues. Relaxing doesn't come easy or natural for me. But the stress relief from a good run or just some jumping jacks is amazing. There is something about breathing deep that clears my mind.
3) It doesn't cost anything.
I may not be able to control how fast my 8 year old is growing out of shoes, or how many $10 hair bows I think my princess needs but I can control this. A long walk or a good run doesn't cost a cent. Of course, you can make it as expensive as you want with new clothes or the best of shoes, but just as "me" time, nada. I don't have to feel guilty about spending time AND money on myself. :-)
4) It really does make me a better mom.
When I take 30 minutes to an hour to workout, I am a better mom. I have more patience with my kids. I don't care as much if the toys are a mess, and overall if my kids are fed, it doesn't have to be a 5 course meal every night. My mind is clear, my perspective is straight and I realize the important things are raising happy, healthy babies.
So do something for yourself today. Whether you're a mom or not, the habit will pay off. :-)


  1. We are so much alike! I feel like I could have written this.

  2. I agree with you! (I'm not a mom yet but I think you are absolutely right!) I know my anxiety levels and my patience levels are SO much better when I work out and even my problem solving skills seem to be better! It's so important for busy moms to take time out of their day for themselves! So glad to hear that you do! Your kids will thank you one day!

  3. Well said!! I know that I need to devote more time to working would make me feel so much better!!

  4. When I add up the hours I need to complete the basics (change diapers, get food on the table, etc.) the total comes to more than 24. Don't think I'll ever get time to work out. (I'm reading this blog post while the kids are finishing their math worksheets on either side of me.)

  5. Love this! I have found this out lately too. I need that 30-60 minute me time in the afternoon!