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10 Year Anniversary!

Jarrod and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this June! I'm not surprised we have stayed married that long... I've pretty much decided I like him enough to hang on to him. :-) What I am surprised about is how FAST 10 years has gone by! Wow. 
So we have never done anything more than a dinner and a movie for our anniversary (Having 3 kids in a 10 year period will do that to ya!) and I want to make this one special. We went on a cruise for our honeymoon so I am kinda leaning in that direction again. So the question is??? Where to go!

Kings Wharf, Bermuda looks nice and since the port is in Baltimore, its pretty convenient too.

Or we could take off back to Disney's Castaway Cay 

And Nassau, Bahamas

But it may be nice to go back to Cozumel  

 And Playa Del Carmen where we spent our Honeymoon...

 Then a part of me says to skip the cruise and jet straight to Hawaii! 

Where would you go?


  1. It would be hard to say no to Hawaii!! But I'm thinking that would be pricier than a cruise... What about a cruise to Hawaii?!

  2. A tropical vacations sounds amazing!!! Since you are in the East, what about the Florida Keys or Bermuda? Bahamas? I probably wouldn't do Hawaii only because I'm assuming you have limited time and that will require a lot of flying, but we love Hawaii! Go to Maui if you go. :)
    Happy 10th!!!

  3. These all sound amazing! Can't wait to see where you choose to go!

  4. Well, since you've been to one of those places already, another would be grand! Hmm, maybe the Bahamas...That first place looked nice too though...

  5. Do the Baltimore port and leave the kids with me! Or Hawaii. We loved it there.