30, Flirty, and Fabulous!

So today I hit the big 3-0! Yep, I'm officially old. It is like a dream to me that I can be this old... you know, considering that I still look 18 and all... haha.

So here's a little recap of what my 20's held.

  • On June 15th, 2002 I married the love of my life. Sooooo, not only do I turn 30 this year but also get to celebrate 10 years of marriage!
  • In January of 2003, we bought our first house and got all moved in.
  • I started painting a baby room, and then on June 20, 2003 we welcomed our first born son, Jayden, into the world. My life has never been the same since that moment of becoming a mom. I can't imagine that there will ever be a love so great and overwhelming as the love for your children.
  • In December 2004, we found out we were pregnant again!
  • And welcomed our second son, Evan, into the world on August 23rd, 2005.
  • In 2006, we became self employed and started our own business in Ohio.
  • Then in April of 2007, we moved to south Georgia to expand that business with my parents. 
  • And I started working part time as a real estate agent and loved it.
  • In December 2008, we were surprised with the pregnancy of our little princess!
  • And we welcomed her into the world on September 8, 2009. 
  • In 2010, we started riding the wave of this crazy economy.
  • And then moved back to Ohio in January 2011. 
  • We bought another house in April 2011 and once again got settled!
Of course there is a LOT of stuff in between. But the point is, I am SOOOO extremely blessed. A wonderful husband, 3 beautiful kiddos, a roof over my head and food on the table. What more could I ask for. I can't wait to see what my 30's hold if my 20's were that awesome.
Bring on the new decade!


  1. Happy Birthday, Casey!!! Your 20's sounded so wonderful- I can't wait to see what your 30's hold.

  2. Happy Birthday to you!

    My daughters birthday is 8/23 as well... but 2001 is her year. :o)

  3. I'd say your 20s were pretty awesome! And remember my dear...30 is the NEW 20! Or at least that's what I've been telling myself since my 30th last year. Ha! Happy BIrthday!

  4. The twenties were good to you! I hope the thirties are as well! Happy Birthday!