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Running Ragged

So, I'm having a severe running issue for the last few weeks... Shin splints. It is just in my right leg and I have done everything I know to get that muscle to cooperate. I bought new shoes and then added extra arch support. I've been stretching before and after and icing after each run. I took off a week from last Wednesday to last night and did manage to do 3 miles pretty comfortably. Butttttt, I was afraid to push it because I still felt the tinge of pain every now and then. Any runners out there have any other ideas to help this issue?


  1. I WISH I was a runner...but I'm just not. Good luck :)

  2. New shoes and insoles would be my only real advice, but I thought I read an article about ways to heal shin splints in Women's Running not long ago. Maybe search on their site and see if anything comes up. What a bummer :(

  3. Well, having good form when you run is a must. And making sure you stay light on your feet. Chi Running is a good book to read. Well, I haven't read it, but Hannah and Katherine have and that helped them a bunch. :)