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Tea Parties and Toilet Water

We had some great friends over for dinner on Friday night. At some point in the middle of the chaos that 7 children in the house bring, their little boy and Avery decided to have a tea party.

They were so cute playing with their little Fisher Price Say Please Tea cups. They would disappear upstairs and randomly come down bringing cups of "tea" and ask every adult to take a sip. Fortunately, for me and our friends, we said we were too full and passed. Jarrod was another story. He had about two cups before it dawned on me that Avery nor her friend could reach the sink. 

I quickly removed the tea cups from their little hands and made the mad dash to every bathroom before I discovered it. Yep. Water all over the floor and the open toilet in the boys bathroom. And lets just say it wasn't clear water... 

I was completely mortified. But not as much as my poor husband. Its a good thing he has a stronger stomach than I!


  1. I agree . . . that's gross! So funny, though.

  2. I think he knew where it came from. That's how JR rolls.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. That is so funny! Over you're glad you declined!!!!

  4. That is so funny...and disgusting.. all at the same time!! I can promise that my kids have swallowed worse by drinking bath water. SICK! Ah...the joys of parenthood. This really gave me a good laugh!

  5. OMG OMG! I will remember this in 3-4 years when our little girl starts having tea parties. LOL.