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Living Room Redo!

I finally broke down and had to turn on the air after this fabulous weather we have been having here in the Midwest. Seriously, 86 in the middle of March... Yes please! I had refused to turn on the air for a few days because I kinda felt that that was complaining but after a couple of nights of sweating it out, I gave in. Thankfully I did because our unit wasn't cooling! All this is being said because we have a home warranty that the seller bought as a perk when we purchased this house last year. Yes, 1 year ago!!! I can't believe it. I finally found the warranty buried in a stack of closing papers in the basement and it then hit me that as of April 8th, we will have lived in this house a year. And in 1 year year, I have not done hardly anything to my house.

So, I got in major clean out mode. After 7 moves in 7 years, I literally dumped everything in the basement of this house and have barely walked down there since. So at the beginning of the month I started cleaning out. I cleaned out every closet, drawer, basement and garage. Then I had a garage sale and called a charity to come pick up the rest. It was fabulous. Then I started decorating. The first thing to get done was the living room. It is the first room you walk into and with two story ceilings and flat white paint, it just wasn't cutting it.  So the first thing we did was paint. The walls are a warm khaki from Sherwin Williams called Relaxed Khaki. (Color selection courtesy of Rachel @ Run In High Heels) I seriously can't believe how much it warmed up the room!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take before pictures. But here are some afters:

I had drooled over these curtains at ZGallery and ended up finding similar ones at Target for a fraction of the cost! The leaning mirror came from Walmart of all places! Yep, it looks great, is only $45, and can also be hung!

I love black but my wood accents are brown so I just decided to mix them. This armoire actually matches our bedroom furniture but short of taking down the stair railing we can get it in the room so here it sits!

And looking into the dining room. I want to get another set of the curtains for the dining room as well. But that will be next months project. :-)


  1. It looks awesome! I think I need to come see it in person, though. :)

  2. I love the curtains! Your home is just beautiful.

  3. I'm getting into the curtain mood as well. This is a good inspiration!

  4. Beautiful home, Casey. You have great taste.

  5. It looks so good!! I like the black adn wood mix-matched....we have SO much oak in our new house, and I am not a HUGE fan...but it's good to see that you were brave enough to mix them :)

  6. You did a great job!! Looks good!

  7. Lovely!!! Have you ever seen the curtains made from table clothes or drop clothes? The drop clothes look like $$$$ linens, but only cost $8 a panel.