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Rock N Roll USA Half Marathon!

I can't believe my first half marathon has come and gone! All the months of training, all the sore muscles, all the pep talks, and all the low and high points... came down to last Saturday at 8:00 AM. It was one of the hardest but most fun things I have ever done in my life.

My friend, Ashley, and I loaded the car Friday morning and made our way over to Virginia. Added bonus was getting to see my sis, Molly, who we stayed with and whom, I might add, ROCKED that race after just having a baby 5 months ago! I also got to meet Rachel who is awesomely fun and flew in just to run with us!

We got up bright and early, 4:30 am, to be exact and headed to the metro.

Ashley and I looking pretty tired.

The metro was packed by the time we arrived in DC. I thought this view from the top was amazing!

Ashley, Molly, me and Rachel rocking our green glitter headbands, thanks to Sparkly Soul and our St. Patty's Day socks! We even made Pinterest!

Finally done and totally worn out!

My final time was 2:23. I was hoping for 2:10 but the run was super hilly. I can remember 7 hills right off the top of my head and one was quite the doozy! I will definitely train more for hills before I run another half. I can not even begin to tell you how awesome this race was. It was my first big race. 24,000 people! The crowd support was awesome. The views were beautiful and the weather could not have been nicer. Not to mention the amazing and beautiful girls I got to share it with. :-)

I totally wish I could run every race from here on out. I need some sponsors! (hint, hint) :-)
I think I have almost talked Molly into coming over for the Capital City Half on May 5th.

Any other good ones you guys would recommend? I'm so addicted now!


  1. GREAT JOB!!!! I think that time for your first half is amazing. I am shooting for 2:10 as well, but I know it will be more like 2:30. Ha! Either way...finishing that long of a race is a HUGE accomplishment. You should be so proud :-)

  2. Congratulations on your first half! Aren't they so addicting!? I wish I could sign up for and run every one of them too. I really wanted to do the Nashville one that Rachel is doing, but with a wedding to pay for this summer it's just not in the cards. Isn't Rock N Roll the best though?! Can't wait to hear about your next!

  3. I'm amazed.. I can't even jog to the end of my street let alone consider 13 miles.

    And if y'all wanted to do Nashville next month, I would be glad to meet you & have a place for y'all to stay. : )

  4. You seriously rocked it!! 2:23 is a great time, especially for your first! Congrats!

  5. We HAVE to do Disney!!! Start planning for Princess Half!! :) So awesome meeting you!!

  6. Awesome job! I am so proud of your girls!! I bet it feels like a great accomplishment. I have never run more than a 5K...I think that I would die! haha

  7. Awesome! I am so inspired. I did a half years ago and it was hard but I was so proud when I finished! Maybe this will be my stretch goal for when I am done having babies. :)

  8. Good job Casey!

  9. Best wishes on your first half! Aren't they so addicting!? I wish I could indication up for and run every one of them too. I really desired to do the Chattanooga one that Rachel is doing, but with a marriage to pay for september it's just not in the cards. Isn't Stone N Throw the best though?! Can't delay to listen to about your next!