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A Daddy's Love

There's no love like a Daddy's love. I am can say this first hand after having a wonderful Daddy to love and protect me through childhood.

I never thought too much about how much that love meant to me though until I had a little girl of my own. Jarrod is the youngest of 4 boys and having never grown up with girls, had a slight panic attack when we found our Avery was a girl. 

There was no need for all that worry however. From the moment that little girl entered the world she has had her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. All she has to do is smile and I see him melt away. Every night at bedtime she comes and grabs his hand, pulling him up to her bedroom saying "Come snuggle me, Daddy!" To which he ALWAYS obliges. 

So this morning at the kitchen table, it was no surprise to me when out of the blue Avery looks up and says, "My Daddy loves me." With one of her biggest smiles ever.

A daddy's love is like no other. Every girl deserves a good Daddy who loves her. It breaks my heart when I hear stories of little girls who are abused, uncared for, unloved and unshaped by their fathers. Dad's you have more power to shape your daughter into the mother's of the next generation probably more than anyone else in their lives. They will learn to love, care, and be accepted first by you. 

Don't let your little girl down. She needs you.