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Rave Theater Field Trip!

Last week we went on a field trip to the local Rave Theater and to see The Lorax! The field trip was amazing and I could not have been more pleased with the hospitality of the managers and staff. 

Here are my little guys after touring the concession stands and learning that this theater alone sells over 400,000 bags of popcorn a year!

We got to also tour the production suite where all the magic happens and learned a couple more interesting fact. For instance, this bulb here that is used to light the projector, cost approximately $4,500 a piece and is 6500 watts.

And that one projector weighs almost 425 lbs and costs approximately $250,000.

The Lorax was up next and the kids loved it! It was cute and even kept Avery's interest. 

Although the popcorn and soda did help. :-)

Some other cool things we learned were:

  • There are approximately 21 speakers in an average size theater.
  • The screens are actually silver instead of white (hence the term "silver screen") and contain millions of tiny holes to reflect the light from the projectors.
  • The 3D image is now created by mirrors which rotate at 2,000 times per second and keeps you from getting that "sea sick" feeling.
  • The movies now come on a hard drive instead of the reels that we used to see. They have special "keys" which make the movies only viewable for the amount of time allowed by the theaters.
  • 95% of the movie profits of a Rave Theater goes back to the franchise. Most of the profits are made from concessions - which is why they are so expensive!


  1. I would have REALLY liked to go with y'all to this. That's a great idea for a field trip!

  2. How fun! I'm sure they loved it!

  3. Totally making me miss my days as a theater manager!

    And that guy is soooo not following procedure for those stupid bulbs - if they drop and break there's some gas in them that's really dangerous so we always had to wear bio hazard gloves, a chest protector coat thing and a mask with glasses when changing out the xenon bulbs. Granted, they were a pain to change (I always got stuck with the ones that were striped) and half the time I only ever wore one or 2 pieces of the whole outfit we were supposed to wear lol...

    Going digital is soooo much easier though than dealing with 35mm - it would be neat to show kids how 35mm films and projectors work though (most theaters still have at least 1 35mm projector for rare occasions, like when Spielberg insisted Indiana Jones 4 be shown in 35mm just like the original 3 were). With digital, you drag and drop your playlist together like you're building an itunes playlist, it's that simple rather than deal with reels and reels of film that can easily get damaged by the dumbest thing!