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Wine Review

If you haven't had the chance to try out this wine you are totally missing out. Jarrod picked it up a few weeks ago and I am pretty convinced it is our new favorite. I have always been a Moscato girl but if you want something sweet and light this one is really tops. 

Costing a whopping $5.99 makes it even better. So far I have only been able to find it at Walmart. But it is way worth the extra stop on the way home.

Go try it out and let me know what you think!

*I did not receive any type of compensation for this review. Just a product I loved and though I would share about.

1 comment:

  1. My favorite liquor store suggested a wine recently that I fell in love with. So much that I can barely drink anything else. And on New Year's Eve, I quite possibly drank the whole bottle in a little over an hour. Oops.

    It's a Sweet Cabernet that's served chilled. It tastes NOTHING like an average red. It's so yummy.