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Weekend 5K! Columbus Komen Race for the Cure

On Saturday, I had a memory moment with my little Evan as I got to run his first 5K with him. He had been begging to run with me and had gone on some short one and two mile runs around the neighborhood. But when I did my last 5K in Virginia, he decided he wanted to run a race too.

I was a little hesitant at first to let him run a race that far but after doing a lot of internet research and making sure he was good and prepared we decided to give it a go. I'm so glad we did. He had a blast and we were able to participate in the amazing Race for the Cure Komen Columbus race. 

Columbus hosts the second largest Komen race in the nation, only coming in behind St. Louis. There were just under 50,000 people who participated in the race. All wearing pink and most running in memory of a family member or friend. It was an amazing experience and I even got Evan to wear a pink bracelet. :-) 

Here are some pictures from the event:

With so many people on the road it was hard to keep a running pace. I didn't time it since I was running with my little guy and didn't want to push him beyond his limits. We just had fun, took our time and enjoyed celebrating life and health.

I'm so glad one of my kids is taking an interest in running. Its so important for kids to see their parents exercising and establishing healthy habits with them. As for Evan, he mastered those 3.1 miles, running almost the entire time, and has repeatedly asked when his next race is. I can't wait either. :-)


  1. That is too awesome that he ran with you! Great job to you both!

  2. That's amazing! I hope to run with my kids someday! :)

  3. Umm this is so awesome!!!! Glad y'all shared this special memory!