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Wow! Has it really been almost a month since I blogged last?! Where has the time gone? Oh yeah, its June. Summer is always the busiest time of year for us. On top of it being summer, we have all of the kids birthdays, our anniversary, the end of baseball and the beginning of football, and always a lot of traveling and guests. Its actually a real bummer. Mostly because I know I'm going to blink my eyes and its going to be fall again. So this year, I had decided I was going to enjoy it. No matter how dirty my house gets or how many meals we have to eat out, its summer. And we are partying! :-)

So here's what's gone down this month:

  • Jarrod and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary on June 15th! Yay us! 
  • Our biggest baby turned 9 on the 20th. Sad face and tears. :-)
  • We spent 3 weeks passing around the stomach virus. Yuck.
  • My parents came to visit for a week.
  • Jarrod and I jetted off to Niagara Falls, Canada for our 10 year getaway.
And the biggest reason for my lack of blogging... 

Surprise! We're expecting #4! 

And people let me tell you, being pregnant with 3 young children is NO JOKE. I haven't had a nap yet... and I'm dying. I think I would literally leave my kids with a random person off the street if it meant I could just sleep for a couple of hours. :-)

So there's the scoop! Over the next few days I will get caught up on pictures and postings of the happenings and give you all a baby review.

Hope you are having an awesome summer!


  1. BEYOND thrilled for you! Babies are complete miracles and I'm happy you've been blessed again! When are you expecting to see this little one's sweet face?

  2. I tried to comment yesterday, but my phone wouldn't let me, so I texted. Still had to get on here and say CONGRATS!

    Stinks that y'all passed around the stomach bug. Yucky!!

  3. Congratulations on your big 10 year anniversary!!

  4. P.S. Congratulations also on Baby #4!!! So happy for you guys. I know what you mean about getting no rest. I'm exhausted every night. Thank goodness only two months left to go!

  5. Congratulations, Casey!! Wow! Yay! It literally took my breath away. :) Congrats agains!!

  6. AHHH!!!! How exciting!!! I was just sitting down to reply to some of your emails and then I thought I would check in on you here and Oh my gosh!!!! That is so exciting honey. Wishing you a VERY happy and healthy 9 months. Can't wait for all the updates and cute belly pics :-)

  7. Yey! I'm so excited I'm going to be an aunt AGAIN!!!!!! :)