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10 Year Anniversary

Please be prepared for the picture overload below. :-) Jarrod and I got to get away for 5 whole days for our 10th Anniversary. This is the first time in 10 years we have been away from the kids for more than one night and I have have to admit we have decided to make it a yearly event! It was so fabulous to have uninterrupted conversation, quiet breakfasts and late dinners. And to truly discover again why we fell in love to start with. 

We decided to go to Niagara Falls, Canada after I found out I was pregnant in May. We had discussed a Hawaiian Island, California, Vegas or a cruise but I am so sick when I'm pregnant we decided to stay within driving distance from home and save the big bucks for next year when I could really enjoy it. :-) 

We stayed at the Hilton Niagara which was absolutely beautiful. It was attached to this huge Casino and has everything you need to eat, shop, and walk to right there. 

These are the gorgeous Canadian Falls which pour more than 39 million gallons of water over its edge every MINUTE. The force and beauty of the falls is truly breathtaking. 

We did all the tours. This one was on the Walk Behind The Falls which I have to admit was terrifying. First of all, you are dropped 150 feet into wall of rock the falls fall in front of. Then you get to walk about 400 feet back into the rock through tunnels built in the 1930's. Yeah, it was not my favorite expedition. 

We also took the Maid of the Mist boat tour which takes you right up to the falls. 

It was incredible how rough the water was.

These are the rapids that run off of the falls about 2 miles down the river. They are some of the strongest in the world and are no longer legal to use for rafting because of the lives lost.

Beautiful nature trails along the river.

I thought it was hilarious that they called the buses there "people movers".

And a good old fashioned dinner at none other than Margaritaville.

I may have had a sip or two  of that Margarita. It was soooo delicious too. :-)

There are some beautiful vineyards in and around Niagara-On-The-Lake. We got to tour a couple of them on Thursday.

And the gorgeous Lake Ontario. Seriously, I have never seen the Michigan lakes or any lake this large before. I am impressed! This thing is like looking over the ocean. We spent and entire afternoon just looking at this beautiful view.

Bye bye Canada, Hello Home! 

It was fabulous to get away, but as always by Friday, we were ready to see our babies. Actually, we spent most of trip making comments of how much the kids would like this, or love that. :-) They are the best part of our 10 years together no matter how you cut it!


  1. Looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL time!!! Beautiful pictures. Happy Anniversary!!

  2. I'm so glad you had a great trip! Niagara Falls is a beautiful place to visit! Wonderful pictures!