The Bump

So, after announcing out little surprise last week, I got a TON of questions about all the details. :-) So I figured I should start an update. No pictures this week. My bump is just a wee bit visible so maybe next week I'll have more to show.

So here's whats going on with #4!

We had our first ultrasound on Friday. Baby is healthy and busy... just like the other 3!

How Far Along: 14 weeks. Thank GOD for the second trimester!
Size of baby: 3.5 inches. About the size of a lemon.
Total Weight Gain: 8 lbs. Yes. 8! I always gain a lot of weight in my first trimester besides the fact that I throw up everything I eat. However, this time its been a little excessive. I've got to get my run back on here shortly.
Maternity Clothes: Not yet. But a couple of pair of pants may or may not have been worn unbuttoned this week.
Gender: It's going to be a delivery day surprise! This is the first time we haven't found out. But since we have two boys and a girl we decided it would be fun to let the surprise simmer. :-)
Movement: Maybe. Its hard to tell yet but I'm pretty sure I've felt the little peanut once or twice.
Sleep: Pretty good. I'm really missing my nightly wine.
What I miss: Keeping food down. Energy. And a normal tolerance level. My poor kids know the snappy voice all to well these days.
Cravings: Nothing really. Although I eat a lot of bananas. It's the only thing I haven't thrown up yet.
Symptoms: WOW. Pregnancy in your 30's is a doozy. Why oh why are women waiting to have kids?! My body is not taking this well! LOL
What I’m looking forward to: January!!! Since Avery was suppose to be our "last" I really tried to enjoy that pregnancy as best I could. I am just ready to get this one over with.  With that being said... its going to be a long 26 weeks. :-)


  1. Wow congrats!! You are officially going to have a big family now! I agree on the pregnancy being no joke in your 30s. Of course I don't know anything else but will say my last pregnancy when I already had two kids was the hardest. I had zero patience! Poor kids. :)

    You will do great! I hope the morning sickness goes away soon.

  2. I simply don't know how you are handling 3 kiddies while pregnant!!!! Honest to are super mama!! And I'm really looking forward to all the cute belly pics. January will be here before you know it!

  3. I'm so happy you're keeping it a surprise. That's so exciting!

  4. Congrats! That's amazing news!