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Cousin Week ~ Tecumseh, Cosi and Zoombezi Bay!

We had a great time with Jarrod's brother and his family here in town. Its so rare that all the cousins get together and I love that no matter how little they see each other they all pick up like the greatest of friends. With 8 kids under the age of 10, any trip out is quite the experience. Its a shame that ALL these pictures are taken on my phone. My camera was MIA this week only to be found under a pile of clothes that I have not had the energy to fold. Haha.

We spent one evening watching Tecumseh. Let me say this production is AMAZING. It was so cool to see that heritage of Chillicothe especially since the boys and I studied early American History last year and this was one of the books we read. Such a shame that I have lived here as long as I have an this was the first time I had gone. 

Almost the whole crew on a VERY hot evening. I'm pretty sure I was more wet than getting out of a shower by the time we left that night.

Jayden, Evan and their cousin Hudson with one of the Indians. Let me tell you, there was no shortage of gun vs. bow and arrow fights the rest of that week. 

We had girls shopping day while the boys saw Spiderman.

Love my thumb in this picture.

Then spent a day at Cosi, which is again a shame I don't go more often. The last time I was here was (cough, cough) 7 YEARS ago when I was pregnant with Evan. Wow. It is such a great and educational place. We will definitely be buying a pass. 

Avery and I getting ready for our science experiments.

Jayden, Madision, Hudson and Hollynd at the water exhibit.

Madison teaching Avery about the water cameras.

The whole crew.

And again. Aren't they cute! :-)

The walk through time. In an early news station room. They can actually see themselves broadcasting on tv. 

In the wind tunnel which lets you feel up to 100 mph winds!

Avery and Hollynd, our little scientist. 

Jayden and Evan waiting on their experiment to explode.

Then we spent the last day at Zoombezi bay. I am so ashamed to say I did not get one picture.  It was a blast though and I am determined to get one more trip in before the end of summer.

We had a goodbye breakfast at Bob Evans on Saturday morning. There were sad faces but lots of memories. 

Until Christmas when we will all be together again!


  1. So fun! We're doing that with Billy's family in 2 weeks and I can't wait for our september beach trip! Coop is so excited to play with your kids!

  2. How sweet! So lucky these kids have so many cousins! McK would be jealous!