The Grocery Store Saga

I admit I hate to grocery shop. I will wait until the pantry is completely bare and there is no milk in the fridge before I venture out. Throw three kids into the mix and you just have complete chaos.

Since I am going to spend the next two weeks out of the house I figured I needed to get some food. Ya know, so my babysitter would have something to feed the kids. Or so my husband would hopefully make at least one dinner a week to keep them from chicken nugget overload.

It never fails that the MINUTE I walk into a store, Evan has to pee. Which then brings on the domino effect. Now, I have no problem with the boys. As long as they go together and wash their hands, I'm good. I don't have to see the bathroom, there is really no reason that they have to touch anything, and they are in and out in minutes. Avery on the other hand is miserable. Literally walking into a public bathroom with her makes me sick to my stomach. It doesn't matter where we are or what the toilet looks like the first thing she does is walk in and put both hands directly on the seat. Can we say gross! Seriously, This is the conversation before each bathroom experience. Me: "Avery, don't touch ANYTHING." Avery: " Yes mam mommy!" And then the above immediately happens. Then there is the seat sitting. I line the seat with toilet paper, sit her on it and it never fails that she somehow soaks her clothes, the seat and all the paper. Ahhhh! Maybe I want another boy after all. I should literally buy stock in hand sanitizer because we go through our share of it.

Then comes the shopping experience - if I'm not too frazzled by that point to just pick up and leave. no matter how cute the carts are, how many empty boxes of snacks I have to pay for at the checkout line or how many "games" we try and play while there, nothing makes it easy. Avery is climbing out of the seat. Jayden and Evan are karate chopping one another in the aisle. And I'm apologizing because of the noise level coming from our side of the store.

Kinda reminds me of the time my sis and I Molly, knocked over an entire display of wine when we were little. Yes. Breaking all of them. I'm sure my mom loved us then too. :-)

But seriously, this is the 21st century. Can't we find an easier way to grocery shop?!

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  1. I remember my mom grocery shopping with the three of us girls. There were SERIOUS rules and we rarely acted up, afraid of the look of death! haha. We were to sit under the cart and our hands were to STAY under the cart!!

    I understand how you feel about Avery. And I hate to tell you, but McKayla has not grown out of that. She touches EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. I have had to just get over it!