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20 Weeks and Counting!

Well, in my absence I have somehow made it to 20 weeks! Part of me feels like it has flown by and the other part can't believe I still have 20 to go!

I didn't get any cute belly pictures this week so I will save that for my next update. This one was taken Sunday at one of my best friend's baby shower. She is having her first baby, a little girl, in October. I'm so excited we will have babies so close in age!

So we caved and found out what we were having... The further we went the more frustrated I was getting about where to put him/her if we didn't know.

This was the first 3D ultrasound I have had this early and I just couldn't believe how amazing the pictures were. We have a happy and healthy little BOY!

So here are my stats so far:

How Far Along: 20 weeks
Size of baby: 6.5 inches. About the size of a banana.
Total Weight Gain: 12 lbs. Wowza. People I'm only 6 away from where I delivered Avery. Kinda freaking out here...
Maternity Clothes: Some. I can still wear most of my dresses and a couple of pair of pants. However, if want to breathe that day I definitely opt for maternity!

Gender: Boy!
Movement: Lots of it!
Sleep: Sleeping well and trying to get lots of it while I can!
What I miss: Energy!  Still not feeling myself and can't wait to get my house organized again!
Cravings: Nothing really specific. I do like extra sharp cheddar cheese this week though.
Symptoms: Feeling much better! I have a cold this week but as soon as I kick that I'm hoping to be my normal self!
What I’m looking forward to: Starting the house renovations. We are closing in our loft for an extra bedroom, moving Avery to the boys room, and baby to Avery's room. Lots of fun stuff to do!


  1. YAY FOR A HEALTHY BOY!!!! You look so fantastic for being 20 weeks. Can't wait for all the cute belly pics to come!

  2. And you look amazing! Love you.

  3. Congratulations! You look beautiful, and that is one beautiful baby boy!