Happy Birthday Evan!

7 years ago today I was blessed with this precious little guy.

I am still convinced today that you are the sweetest little boy ever. Not a day goes by that you don't tell me how beautiful I am or how much you love me. I can't wait for you to find the woman of your dreams because she is going to be a very lucky girl!

You are hilariously funny. I am constantly laughing over something you say or do. You always see the best in everything and very rarely complain.

You are quite the instigator. Aggravating your brother and sister to the point that they are crazy. But you are also the first one to grab Avery's hand if she gets to close to the road or beat up someone if they mess with Jayden.

My heart worries over you every day. You've been to the emergency room 3 times already, had 7 staples put in your head, and almost lost your manhood. (long story...) Yet you still climb the highest on the toys at the playground, want to ride the craziest rides at any theme park and push every safe limit there is. I can't imagine the turmoil I will be in when you are a teenager.

Your little smile is contagious. You are an amazing boy with so many wonderful qualities. I can't wait to see what life holds for you little man. Have a great 7th year!


  1. Aww, he is so adorable. I can't believe he's seven! Happy birthday!

  2. I miss doing cake and presents with y'all!

  3. What a love! Can't wait to see him! And you, too. :)