Our Baby Girl is 3!

On Saturday we celebrated our sweet little girls 3rd birthday.

I seriously can't believe she is 3. It seems like yesterday we were at that same beach house waiting an entire MONTH for her to make her appearance.

For her birthday she wanted all things Princess, Tinkerbell, and Dora. We had her party with her big brother at Chuck E Cheese before we left so this little celebration was all about her.

She was all ohhhs and ahhhs with all the pink and princess stuff. 

I seriously love that she loves pink so much. :-)

I totally forgot to order another cake so thanks to Walmart, of all places, they saved my tail and provided last minute Princess cupcakes.

This child seriously loves to be the center of attention. Its a little scary.

Big 3 year old!

Can you see that surprised look?!

Surrounded by sooo many boys. :-)

Veggie Tales Queen Ester. I'm already tired of hearing this play in the car. Thanks, Molly. 

We had a great vacation to wrap up our summer! I will post pictures soon!