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Strollers, Car Seats, and Decisions

You would think that by the time you get to #4 you would have every infant to toddler accessory imaginable. But believe it or not, it seems like with each child your needs change too.

The two older boys, of course, don't ever sit in a stroller. But Avery, still rides in one frequently. I have a Sit N Stand but it doesn't have the attachment for a car seat. I also have a pink car seat which is just not going to work. :-)

So here's my dilemma...

Do I get a new car seat and a car seat frame like this?... Knowing that my chances of getting out of the house with 4 kids to do any real shopping is slim to none and use my Sit N Stand for those rare events?

Should I break down and buy a car seat and the attachment to use with my Sit N Stand even though its soooo huge?

Or should I just buy a whole new fabulous set like this that will accommodate both kiddos and also hold a carrier? My only concern is how long Avery will want to use a stroller?

Oh decisions?!!! What would you do?


  1. How old is Avery? Madi still rides in a stroller on occasion and she's 3. I'd say go with the double stroller with a car seat attachment. You're not going to want to hold Avery and push the baby in a stroller. It will probably be a splurge but it'll be worth it, I think!

  2. I would skip the double and just use the sit and stand. You can probably get the attachment for cheap. If you get a double and Avery decides she doesn't want to ride anymore, you'll be stuck with a huge stroller! One thing I love about the sit and stand is all the storage space...perfect for shopping! ;)