Things I NEED ~ Pinterest Edition

The change of weather and my body size has me really NEEDING to shop. I confess I am, in my husband's words, "a disgrace to all women" when it comes to shopping. Not that I don't like to shop. No. I REALLY do. Its just that I get there, have my mind on something I want, can't find it, and come home with nothing. Its sad really.

So this year, I'm just using my virtual closet via Pinterest. And hoping the right things will pop up at the mall. :-)

These boots are pretty much a have to find. I really wanted them last year and wouldn't cough up the money for a fabulous pair. Plus, once again, I haven't found any JUST like this. And aren't they fabulous?!

I've never been pregnant through winter and I'm pretty much loving it. Lots of layers, scarves, and coats traded for bathing suits, shorts and tanks? Yes please!

I think most of my dresses are stretchy enough to wear through winter. Especially as little as I dress up. But aren't these adorable?

Love this! So wintery!

Oh the cuteness bump. Love how comfortable those pants look too.

Very cute! And I have a pair of boots almost just like that in grey! 

And just an FYI! If you didn't know, Old Navy has an additional 15% off coupon and it includes baby AND maternity! Yay! Use code ONEXTRA15 through September 23rd. I shopped today and got 3 maternity shirts and a pair of skinny maternity jeans for $44 shipped! 

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  1. All of these are SO cute! I think maternity stuff and baby bumps are adorable!