Baby Bump! ~ 34 Weeks

So, I guess I've missed a few weeks of bump updates! I am now going to the doctor twice a week for non-stress tests because of my umbilical cord. So far, he has done super well on his testing and the nurse is always so positive about his strong heart. His growth ultrasounds have also shown him growing just as he should which is so encouraging! And although he still hasn't grown that other kidney, my amniotic fluids show that his right one is working overtime just as it's suppose to. In a nutshell, I am feeling really blessed. Although 34 weeks wouldn't be optimal for delivery, if something were to show signs of stress at this point I am on target to have a perfectly healthy little guy.
Here is a picture of my large and in-charge self at 34 weeks exactly:
And here are the official stats:
How Far Along: 34 Weeks. Wow. We are soooo close!

Size of baby: Approximatly 4.5 lbs and about the size of a cantelope.

Total Weight Gain: 24 lbs. Wowza. I've never hit 30 soooo we will see if this one breaks a record!

Maternity Clothes: Tops and then pretty much these leggings every. single. day. Mostly because this child is so low I feel like maternity pants are cutting off the blood flow to his brain. Lol.

Gender: Baby Boy
Movement: Still very active. Does not like participating in his non-stress tests twice a week. And makes it very known that he can still flop from one side to the other.
Sleep:  Amazingly, still pretty good. I do wake up sore sometimes and I have had a couple of charlie horses in my legs the last few nights which are always fun.
What I miss: Feeling comfortable. I'm getting a little miserable. Ya know. The feet in your ribs, constant pressure, and overall fatness kind of uncomfortable.
Cravings: Extra sharp cheddar cheese.
Symptoms: Getting pretty emotional. Decisions are overwhelming to me and I am getting frustrated when I don't have the energy to finish a project I want to get done. Which then inevitably cues the tears.
What I’m looking forward to: The room reveal! I'm so happy with how little man's room is turning out. A few more touches here and there and I will be ready to show you guys!


  1. You are so cute. :) That is like the cute pregnant I want to look like. :D
    I'm so glad he is getting along so greatly!

  2. Hey Casey! Cute bump! Thanks for showing me some love on my blog. In return I wanted you to know that I nominated you for a blogger award. Stop by my blog - to check it out.
    Hope you enjoy.

  3. Hi Casey! I added your button, now I just have to figure out how to make my own! I'll let you know if I'm successful. Thanks!

  4. Ahhh, you're getting so close!
    You look gorgeous!

  5. You are adorable.. And I don't want to hear the large & in charge nonsense. Your sister would say the same crap & you're both still TINY.. 30 lbs is still GREAT for weight gain, especially when you were little begin with.

  6. You look absolutely beautiful!! I am so glad that baby boy is doing well!