Black Friday Favorites

It is no secret that I LOVE Black Friday. I am pretty sure that I have not missed a year since I was 16 and could drive myself.

I can't decide if I like that some stores are opening early this year. I mean, not EVERYONE is opening early so it is really just keeping me out late and then getting me back up early to get the best deals.... but, oh well. I'm still super excited!

Here are some of my favorite deals by store for Black Friday. Some of the ads haven't come out yet so I am anxiously awaiting my paper to get delivered tomorrow night. Eeeek!

Best Buy always has awesome deals but the lines are sooooooo long. I have heard that some places already have people camping out. No. Thank. You.

It is my understanding that Kohls will offer *most* of their sales online starting Wednesday at 3PM CST! You can also get Kohls cash and FREE shipping on orders over $50! Now that is my kind of shopping.
Target is one reason I will be up all night. They open at 9PM on Thursday night and are running deals through 11AM on Friday. Seriously? How am I suppose to get all of those???

  • Canon Rebel T3 Bundle - $499
  • Nook Simple Touch E-Reader - $49
  • RCA Dual Screen Portable DVD Player - $59
  • Select Doorbuster DVD's - $4
  • Elf On The Shelf - $29.95 + $5 Gift Card
  • Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl Train Set - $74.99
View the entire ad HERE.

Toys R Us opens at 8PM on Thursday. There are some really good deals but I don't think I'm going to make it. I'm hoping to pick up some of these online on Monday.

  • Rock Star Mickey - $19.98
  • IPod Touch 16GB 4TH Generation - 199.99 + $20 Gift Card + $30 ITunes Card
  • Power Wheels Sport Quads - $49.99
  • Select Hasbro Games - $5 + Some Rebates HERE
View the entire ad HERE.
Walmart also opens at 8PM on Thursday. I'm sure it will be a mad house yet, it is on my first stop of the night. Oh the joys!
  • IPad 2 16GB WIFI- $399 + $75 Gift Card
  • Wii Console - $89
  • Brave Blu-Ray - $8.96
  • Barbie or Hotwheels Jeep - $89
  • 14' Trampoline with Enclosure - $159
View the entire ad HERE.
So there you have it. There are tons of ads for tons of stores that I have found at It seems to be the most simple site to navigate for deals in my opinion.
Let me know what fabulous deals you find! Happy Shopping!


  1. I'd rather be shot in the head than enter the doors of Wal-Mart any day, but especially on Black Friday. Let us know what deals you were able to get!

  2. I don't do it often...but I am going to battle Target this year! Too many great sales to pass up :-)