Project Pinterest - Christmas Wine Bottles

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I had been looking for the perfect craft for all these lovely wine bottles I have been storing in an ENTIRE cabinet of my kitchen when I came across these beauties.
Of course, like most of the pins I absolutely adore, there were no directions. So I started doing a little research on how to get this look.
Now, the "perfect" scenario would be to use the mirror spray paint. However, since you have to spray the inside of the container for the mirrored effect, I decided I would save myself the trouble and mess of trying to get the paint inside and even in a wine bottle and just use a metalic paint instead.

And again, like most of my projects, I am giving you phone pictures. I know you are excited about the details... :-)
I started off by sanding the bottles with a course sand paper. This really didn't have that much effect but that's what most people said to do so hey, I went with it.
Next, I sprayed the bottle with a 1:4 vinegar and water solution. This will kinda "ball" up on the bottle.
Then, while the vinegar solution is still wet, coat the bottle with the metalic spray paint. The paint and vinegar solution will drip. That's ok. It gives it the right look in the end.
Allow to dry for about 3 minutes and then blot the bottle where the paint has bubbled up to expose the bottle.
Here is a close up. I don't think there is any right or wrong way to do this. You can take off as little or as much of the paint as you would like.
Once the bottles were completely dry, I added scrapbooking letter stickers and coated with a clear coat of spray paint.
And there you have it! Love the way they turned out!


  1. I'm a new follower! :-) Stopping by from AP's link up!! Excited to be here!!

    I love the way these turned out!! I think the metallic paint looks really good!! What a great addition to your Christmas decor!! :)