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Doctors, Doctors, and more Doctors

So I have been a really bad blogger this week. I have so many recipes to post for my 30 Days of Baby meal planning. Its getting soooo close! I need to get a few more things cooking.... no pun intended. Haha.
I feel like all I do is go to the doctor. I had doctors appointments every day this week but Tuesday. Man. That is NOT fun.
Throw all that together and we also sold our house! Yeah, we put it up for sale on a whim in October because we only have 3 bedrooms and we thought maybe if we sold we would try and find something with 4 bedrooms to give us a little more room. Well, last Saturday, just as I had finished baby's room and put the last drop of paint on the walls in Avery's room, we got an offer. Of course. By Monday we were under contract and had won the bid on a HUD house just up the road!
So the bad news is, I'm moving. 2 weeks after the baby is due. We LOVE the house we've got a contract on but it needs a total makeover. I mean total. New carpet, paint, appliances, some flooring, and a really good clorox cleanup. Any takers? Yeah, I don't want to do it either.
In the mean time, I am heading back to Ohio State first thing tomorrow morning for another level 2 ultrasound. Little man is just that and measuring in at only 31 weeks. If he hasn't grown any more tomorrow we will be getting an early Christmas present. Am I ready? You bet. The car seat is in the car. The diaper bag is packed and the house is clean. Bring it on. I will keep you all updated when we get some news. Of course, I would like him to cook a few more weeks. I will be 36 weeks tomorrow so inducing this early would not be the first choice. But if it guarantees a healthy little boy, I'll take it. Thanks for all your continued prayers and I hope to get some blogging news soon!  


  1. This is when I wish I was there to help you with your new house just like you stepped in and helped me after the twins were born. Man, I miss you.

  2. so much going on! take it as EASy as you can! :)