Baby Bump Update

We had a whirlwind week with my doctors this week. It all started at 36 weeks when I went for my bi-weekly Non-Stress Test. I had scheduled my test and my regular OB appointment on the same day, arranged for Jarrod to sit with the kids (because ya know those later appointments aren't really fun with 9 and 7 year old boys...), and finally made it there in one piece after squeezing a little last minute Christmas shopping to the schedule.

When I arrived at the doctor, they had messed up my appointment times and scheduled my NST first instead of my OB. Telling Jarrod I would just take the kids and not worry about the personal stuff today, I sent him back to work. My NST takes about an hour so you can imagine the patience my children have after sitting in a 8x8 room and trying so hard not to "stress" Mom so the baby won't get too excited. They are such troopers and I know they are soooo tired of having to do this but they really are good for the most part. After my NST, the nurse moves me to a regular check-up room and tells me the doctor will be in shortly. So we waited, and waited, and waited... for an hour and 20 minutes. Fun times. By this time my boys are bouncing off the wall, Avery is crying to go home and everyone is tired and hungry. Finally, I gathered our stuff and just walked out, never seeing a doctor.

I called the next morning to reschedule only to discover they had no idea I wasn't even seen. Nice.

Then I returned the following Friday for my next appointment. Granted, I am 37 weeks 5 days pregnant at this point, have been advised by every specialist I have seen that they would recommend inducing at 38 weeks but 39 would be the latest they would advise. So, naturally, I want to go into my appointment with my doctor having a plan. Maybe its just me, but I think its kinda pushing it to be 37 weeks, 5 days with no induction date even discussed at this point.

Once again, I see a new doctor and once again, I have to fill HER in on what is going on... We have charts for what reason again?! She proceeds to measure my stomach telling me there is no reason to induce that my belly is measuring just fine. Seriously?! My belly has never been the issue. It is the baby and his measurements...I left the office crying and promptly called the specialist and talked with them about switching. The nurse there was so helpful and asked if I would be ok with her calling and talking to my doctor about how to proceed since I was so close to delivery.

I finally got a phone call from my doctor letting me know they were scheduling the induction for Sunday at 39 weeks. The moral of the story is, if you are unhappy with your doctor at 20 weeks, you probably will be at 40. Switch. You are paying them for a service. They are there to serve you, not usher you in and out like cattle on a time schedule. I really wish I had.

But we are finally going to see our baby boy by Sunday at the latest and we couldn't be more excited! Coming soon!


  1. Sunday?! WOW! SO so excited for you! Sorry you had to deal with all of that mess :(

  2. What a mess!! Yuck.

    And Sunday? That's in a few days!! Yayy!!

  3. I'm so glad he's here! He is ADORABLE! Can't wait to see more pics!