Meeting Owen

I'm probably the only person on the face of the earth who can be induced with her 4th child and her parents still have time to travel from south Georgia and make it before the baby is born. Oh well. My mom has been able to be at all of my births but Molly had missed them all - two of them by literally a few minutes. My youngest sister, Shelby, was also able to be there. I'm pretty sure after seeing my births she will never have children of her own. :-) I was so glad to have them all there. Only my middle sister hasn't met him yet but we are working on getting her here!

Meeting "Marmie"

Meeting Papa

Auntie Molly

Auntie Shell

My boys and Avery came first thing the next day. They were so excited to FINALLY meet their new brother.

We can't even imagine life without our little man. He fits in so perfectly.


  1. Casey...he is simply BEAUTIFUL!!! I finally got to catch up on all your birth story posts. Oh the drama!!! But I am so so thankful everyone is healthy and happy. You are super mom and those 4 kids are very lucky to have you :-) Congrats again on that sweetie pie.

  2. I can't wait to meet him myself. :) He is so cute.