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The Birth Story, The Aftermath

... And I would do it all over again.
(Part 1 here, Part 2 here)

So what about all the drama? The arrhythmia, his kidneys, the overall health?

Nothing. His EKG was perfectly normal.

Ultrasounds of his kidney's still confirmed the left one is missing but his right kidney is functioning just as it should.

And he should go on to live life as usual with absolutely nothing to worry about. He was so healthy that we were able to leave the hospital a mere 24 hours after he was born. His first doctors appointment showed him almost back to birth weight and had all the nurses oogling over his cuteness. :-)

As for me, I will probably still worry every day of my life. It's my child, after all. It's what us as mother's do. I'm sure every cough, tummy ache and fever will have me crazy with worry. I've yet to let him sleep more than 6 inches from me at any given time. And I'm sure God will get tired of hearing from me... just like the other 3.

But I can be nothing but thankful for this little miracle that God has entrusted me with. This precious little angel that I'm so thankful to call mine.


  1. Thank God for a healthy baby! He is so tiny and cute!

  2. what a precious baby! so glad he is healthy!

  3. God is good! Such a blessing! My little man had a similar experience and was born a happy, healthy little guy!