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The Birth Story, Part 1

If you are new to the blog you may want to get caught up with our pregnancy story here and here.

Thursday started out like any other doctor appointment day. Speeding through school with the boys, laundry, thinking about dinner and trying to get everyone dressed and out the door in time. My house was disastrous. I had no groceries. And I had 6 loads of laundry that were folded on the coffee table in the living room just waiting to be put away. Since we were scheduled for an induction on Sunday, I had a to-do list and had planned out all the rest of my chores so everything would be done before then.

We left around lunch and picked up some supplies for Jarrod. Grabbed a bite to eat and got to the doctor just barely in time. Jarrod wanted to meet me there after my last appointment as "moral support" and just to make sure everything was still going according to plan.

The nurse called and did the usual routine of weight, blood pressure, and listening to the heartbeat. I noticed the beat sounded a little "off" but she didn't mention anything about it. A few minutes later the doctor came in and wanted to listed to his heartbeat again. This time, we both noticed it sounded like little hiccups. A definite missing beat and on a regular basis. She told us that she wanted to go ahead and send me to the hospital for monitoring. Then she looked at Jarrod and said, "Drop her off, go home and get her bags and find someone to take care of the children." I knew that we weren't coming home without a baby.

If you know my OCD self, this just about killed me. As concerned as I was, I still called my sister and asked if I could go home for just an hour and pick up the house and make sure everything was packed. To which she replied a definite, "NO". My mom and dad weren't here as planned to help with the kids, my sister was probably going to miss my last birth, and my mother-in-law was sick. The kids didn't have clothes packed because the plan was for my dad to stay home with them. But reluctantly, I let Jarrod drop me off and trusted him to work out the details.

I laid in triage for what seemed like forever. Hooked to monitors and listening to that little skipping beat over and over again. Finally, the doctors confirmed they were going ahead with the induction. It was too risky to let Owen stay in the womb any longer.

We were taken to labor and deliver and were briefed about the process. The plan was to start with Cytotec to begin the induction. If that didn't work as planned they would then use a Foley balloon to dilate and finally Pitocin if needed. The main risk was making sure the induction didn't put too much stress on Owen's heart.

At 6:30, the Cytotec was inserted. Just like with Avery, it worked and worked quick. Within an hour, I was 2 cm and 25% effaced. Then, Owen's heart dropped. 80's, 70's, 60's and wasn't coming back up. The doctor and nurses came running in flipping me from side to side to get his heart rate back up and finally removing the Cytotec. Fun, fun process let me tell you.

That's when they warned me about a c-section. "We understand this is your fourth child and that you have had 3 regular, natural deliveries. We want to deliver this baby naturally are going to try everything possible to do that. However, you need to prepare yourself that this one may end in a c-section in the event we can not get the baby's heart rate up." Whatever. Its in that moment that as a mom, you only want whats best for your child. Just deliver my baby healthy.

Part 2 is coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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  1. Well dang! You leave it as a cliffhanger!

    So glad Owen has made his safe arrival :)