One Month Has Come and Gone and You Have Stolen Our Hearts

My darling Owen,

I can't believe how much you have changed our family in just one short month.

I sit here in tears as I write you this letter. You will probably be my last baby. My heart beat. My little man forever. I constantly will myself into remembering every little detail of you. The moment of relief when I first saw your tiny head. Your little newborn cry. Your breath on my neck as I rock you to sleep. It all goes by so fast its almost not fair. And somehow its so easy to forget how much joy a new baby brings.

Your Daddy says I hold you too much but I don't really care. I worried so much if I was doing everything "right" with your siblings. Should they cry it out? Be laid down for a nap or keep holding them? Are they getting spoiled? Should I nurse on demand or put them on a schedule? But I've decided it really doesn't matter. You love to rock and you insist on nursing every time you want to go to sleep. You're pretty easy to console but sometimes only Mommy will do, and I always oblige. Because I've realized all this... is a season. And a very short one. I know that one day soon, I'm going to wake up and the baby you will be gone. We will have entered into a new season. Another good one, but a new one none-the-less.

I can't believe how much your siblings adore you. How you have just fit right in since the day we brought you home. Your big brothers can't get enough of your snuggles either. And most of the time, if I'm not holding you, they are. They dote over you constantly. And your big sister? Can't give you enough kisses. You are her sweetheart, darling, sweet boy. Anything she hears mommy call you, she calls you too. You are very rarely "Owen". And when you cry, she smothers you with sweet "baby talk". "Its ok, baby boy. Mommy's coming. Don't cry sweet boy." My heart melts.

And your Daddy, although he says your spoiled, grabs a nap with you snuggled on his chest every chance he gets. He comes to your every whimper and has even been known to get up with you once or twice at night. You will be his little sidekick, the caboose when your older brothers are grown and out of the house. The one who keeps him young and his excuse to still do fun "boy" things.

You have stolen our hearts in every way. You have filled the hole in our family that we didn't even know was there. And you are so very loved. Grow up slow, baby Owen, because I miss the "baby" you already.



  1. He is beautiful. And I truly don't think you can spoil a baby. They're meant to cuddle and hug and kiss and just be with. :)

  2. And now I'm in tears.

    So sweet and so very true. They're only little for a short time. I would give anything for just one more baby-day with each of mine.

  3. He is so cute.. oh man seeing him gets me excited for ours to come. You have a beautiful family and wow four.. you are so brave! If my husband had it his way he would have four too. I'm more than compromising with three. LOL.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful! I don't know what it's like to have a child at this stage, but I do know it goes by quickly. Enjoy it! You have the sweetest family, friend. I am so happy for you!

  5. Just found your blog and my little just turned three weeks! Newest follower!

  6. Happy 1 month, sweet boy!
    It goes by way too quickly!

  7. Just found your blog and he is SO stinking cute! New follower, If you get a moment, check out our baby week on our blog, giveaways and posts all week long!