Owen's 4th Week in Pictures

Another week has come and gone and our little man is 4 weeks today.

He had several "firsts" this week. 

His first bath. After 24 long days, he finally lost his umbilical cord! Wow. I have never had one take quite that long. 

 photo IMG_3184_zps861a0c0c.jpg

He wasn't too sure of that either. He said its wayyy too cold to be nekid!

   photo IMG_3190_zpsb9be1f93.jpg

His first trip to the park, thanks to a couple of beautiful 60 degree days!

   photo IMG_3235_zps06f44255.jpg

He first discovered his thumb... which I can't say that I'm thrilled about. He hates a pacie though so I'm sure he will find it more frequently than my previous three pacie suckers.

   photo IMG_3271_zpsd62cf015.jpg

And although not a first, I couldn't help but share this sweet picture. Naps with Daddy. This boy loves to cuddle and we are eating it up. :-)

    photo IMG_3198_zps72951056.jpg

Happy 4 weeks Baby "O"! 


  1. I'm a new follower! Oh so sweet! I miss having a tiny baby here. Love your blog!

  2. He is SO PRECIOUS Casey!!! Gah!! I could just scoop him up. And It's obviously been too long since I stopped by because I am just now noticing your FABULOUS new design!! I love it!!! Makes me want to redo mine for the 2,000th time :-)

  3. He's so boyish looking! Love seeing him!

  4. Too cute! --My baby's umbilical cord took that long to fall off, also. --Glad to see you're surviving, gives me hope that I can handle more than one.

  5. These are such sweet pictures! Love the one napping with his daddy - precious moment!

  6. What a cutie! Stopped by from From Mrs. To Mama and noticed you live in ohio... What part? I grew up there.