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DIY Link Chain Shelves

I have been drooling over these shelves on Pinterest for months now. When I went back to the link to view the instructions they were gone. Grrrrr. I HATE that! So I decided to make them up as I went. How hard could they be?! And I was right. They were so easy and quick to make not to mention the fact that they only cost about $10 for all the supplies!

 I have them hanging in my half bathroom over the toilet and they add so much character to the room!

What you will need:

  • Common Board
  • Link Chain
  • Eye Screws
  • S Hooks
  • Paint
  • L Brackets
First thing you will need to do is measure your space. My half bath was exactly 3 feet wide. So I bought a 6 foot common board and simply cut it in half. 

Then I painted the front, back and sides and let them dry completely. These could be any color but I matched them to my trim paint which is a slight off white.

I wanted to match the "industrial" look of the chains so I used just plain metal L-Brackets and left the wood un-sanded and some of the imperfections show through the paint. You could use wood brackets if you wanted a more polished look. 

 photo ab97a8e4-dae3-42da-9deb-86059e28bb3a_zps879dbff2.jpg

Then I added the L Brackets to the bottom of the board so that they were flush with the back of the board.

 photo 2c7b6a2b-031b-43f8-b3fa-08fc6f35ed3f_zps0dafefcd.jpg

Next up was the eye hooks. They were simply screwed in to the top front part of the shelf. I am really bad about measuring so all this was just eye-balled. :-)

 photo IMG_3294_zps554d82bb.jpg

After that, I attached the shelves to the wall with the L-Brackets. Then, I attached the link chain to the bottom eye screw with an s-hook and measured where to screw the wall eye screw in. Then matched the height on the other side.

 photo IMG_3323_zpsdfba1cd0.jpg

And there you have it! I had found these cute canvases at Target on clearance for $5 so I picked up 3 of them. Two are hanging on the wall. But the colors were so fun to decorate with! 

 photo IMG_3322_zps86c03aa9.jpg

Love, love, love how cute they are!

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