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The Weekend In Pictures

This weekend my crazy parents decided to drive up for a short visit. They literally drove 14 hours through the night on Friday and left on Monday morning. I feel very loved!

We had a great time with them here. It was a relaxing weekend and I'm so glad they got to see Owen again! I can't believe my Mom stayed away for 12 weeks!
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The kids got to open early Easter presents from Marmie and Papa.
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And I decided that this gal needs to move in with me as my personal Nanny. :-)
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Although short, we had a wonderful weekend.
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I only wish Molly could have joined the party!
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One day I hope we all live close again. Until then, I so enjoy the visits even if they are small!


  1. I'm so glad you had a great visit with your family! I'm sure it's difficult being so far away from them!

  2. How sweet of them to come for such a short visit! An important one, though!

  3. Your sweet parents are still some of the most awesomest people I know!